Chungking Espresso


Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on September 3, 2010

IndieCade finalists have been announced here.

Messhof was robbed. No, literally, I stole his skateboard. SEND HIM MONEY.

There are videos of all of them all on one Internet, courtesy of Dejobaan.

I am proud to have been a juror this year.

I am excited to be on this schedule, with all of these sexy people I respect.

Even if they gave us the buffer period after the through-midnight period of drinking/awards.

I will be talking about The Molleindustria. The Molleindustria will be in attendance. TOUCH HIS HAIR.

//ARTGAME SESSIONS, October 9, 10:00am-11:00am//

Artgame Sessions takes the position that game designers use game design and its mechanics, player goals and thematic premises are a form of expression in the same way painters use line, color and form to express themselves. The core of games — interactivity — provides an experience and a point of view. Through a series of four short talks, audience members will come to understand some of the motivations and goals of the artgame movement. These presentations will not be made by the developers themselves. Instead, other game-makers and academics will examine the developers’ approaches to making artgames and the play experiences they provide.

Naomi Clark, Simon Ferrari, Charles Pratt, John Sharp



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