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Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on April 27, 2009

This morning my girlfriend was trying to wake me with butterbagles for like three hours. I’d stayed up the night before beating Doom for the first time, so I was a bit under the weather. I don’t have much to say about Doom, except that it was a lot easier to play now and on a console than it was for me as a ten year old struggling with learning how to use a keyboard and mouse. I really liked how there were a ridiculous amount of enemies hiding behind walls that would open up behind me in ambush. I kinda wish this sort of ridiculous crap still happened in shooters, because it works against the kind of calculator/dominator play style I’m cursed with. Also, back when I played it as a kid there was only one episode available (do you guys remember a little thing called Shareware?). Now there are four, and the you-can’t-jump-but-you-can-sprint-over-shit mechanic is pushed to the limits in the fourth and most difficult.


Anyhow, on my girlfriend’s final attempt to wake me up I suddenly realized that the Best Buy clearance sale was on and jumped to my feet. I rushed over to Little Five to see if anything was still in stock. Unfortunately, the bargain hunters had already picked the place clean. I managed to find one copy of Kane’s Wrath hidden behind a stack of Supreme Commander, and then I realized that there were some clearance items in the drawers underneath the shelving that contained one last gem: Infinite Undiscovery. I haven’t played a JRPG in a while, so playing through this decidedly decent game is much more enjoyable than it should be. I love that going into my inventory menu leaves me open to surprise attacks (like in Dead Space), and the first hour is quite brilliant. Basically, you’re this conscientious objector and the game’s first two acts have you constantly running away from an ogre. Then you get to carry a sick girl through a field while a dragon shoots copious amounts of fireballs at you. As an achievement whore, I have to plus one the game for giving me bonus experience points for getting achievements. All-in-all a decent weekend of gaming. Back to writing!

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  1. Tom said, on April 29, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    That thing about Infinite Undiscovery’s achievements sounds sweet. I loved how Mass Effect gave you ingame bonuses for achievements. For me, that’s what could make me care about achievements. That’s an _actual_ reward (sorry Simon, I know you love them achievments).

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