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Insurance Man Calleth

Posted in Miscellany by Simon Ferrari on April 26, 2009

So the other day while I was shoving my mouth full of veggie burger and waffle fry, some dude called me and wanted me to tell him my social security number and the value of everything I owned. Apparently he was the insurance guy for my mom and dad, and he’d just figured out that my stuff wasn’t covered under their plan even though I’m renting from them. This led to about 20 minutes of him itemizing my things and deciding how to get me covered. I eventually had to reveal to him the fact that I’d spent most of the scholarship and assistantship money that I’d accrued over the past 6 years on cigarettes, DVDs, books, and games. Sorry UGA philosophy and classics departments, I bought games and DVDs with your money! Hopefully I’ll make you proud some day (and maybe there’s some solace in knowing this would amuse Roger Travis, who’s also managed to sneak some classics money into games studies).

delicious library

Fortunately for me, the DVDs, books, and games are all covered at a student rate because I bought them for school. The downside of all this? The video I have of all my junk isn’t going to cut it. No, I need to record the ISBN number off of everything I own. Fortunately for me, tech guru Bobby Schweizer showed me the Delicious Library a few months ago. Heading over to their site, it turns out they cite insurance bookkeeping as one of the strengths of the program. Okay, so it costs 40 dollars. But I can hold my stuff up to my laptop’s camera for instant recording and price-matching! It even recommends other stuff I might like, while trying to find the best current deal on the product. Then when I’m finished going through my 300 books, 200 DVDs, and 100 games I can publish them straight to my blog! Then everybody can see what a spoiled brat the great state of Georgia has made me.

To my credit, the only reason I could spend so much on movies and games for my studies is… that I don’t spend my money at bars like everybody else.


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  1. Bobby said, on April 26, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    I’m pretty sure you can’t scan your head, Simon. Unless you’re from a sci-fi movie. Or you were drunk on Saturday and got a wicked new tattoo.

    • Simon Ferrari said, on April 26, 2009 at 11:10 pm

      I was seeing if it would pick up the wrinkles in my forehead! Thanks again for showing the damn thing off to me.

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