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Jason Rohrer Against the Academicians

Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on April 15, 2009

Yeah bitches that’s a Saint Augustine reference.

Here’s a teaser for my upcoming post on Jason Rohrer’s visit to GaTech:

“Cory Arcangel is not a game designer.”

“Andy Warhol is not a filmmaker.”

Me likey Jason Rohrer.

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  1. Malcolm said, on April 22, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    I was a that talk too. My response to the controversy is that we should stop trying to define what are “should be” and start talking about what we, as artists, want to do. If Rohrer wants to make art that addresses the human condition, he should go right ahead and do it. If others want to make games that speak about art itself, then by all means they should. The history of art is an unfinished book. We need have no more loyalty to the advant-garde than to the classical.

    You were also at GDX, I believe? Did you attend Ian Schreiber’s talk on art history? What do you make of the apparent conflict between Schreiber and Rohrer?

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