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Sucks to Mayasmar

Posted in Projects, Schoolwork by Simon Ferrari on January 29, 2009

Project: Maya/Myth

Objectives: Learn Maya; model the American Dream

Time: 20 hours

I ended up modeling the first Buck Rogers raygun toy from 1935. The original appears to have been made from a few solid pieces of molded copper. Texturing was a bit of a disaster. After a few hours of trying to get an automap for all the different little parts, I settled on a planar mapping with an extra texture for the detail work.

Lessons learned:

Keep poly counts low at the beginning, because you’re in vertex hell later on when you have to add divisions to round edges.

If you’re going to mirror geometry across the Y axis, never move vertexes around in the perspective view window; this will fuck you.

Save a separate file before texturing. Everything gets a lot harder when you get to this step.


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  1. Bling said, on February 6, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    can you express this as a function of x,y,z?

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