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Christmas & Gaming Update

Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on December 25, 2008

I got a lot of things I wanted for Christmas. Mom got me Rock Band II when we were in Best Buy the other day. Parents surprised me with an iPhone tonight. Get to go pick up my uncle from the airport at 5pm tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Thanks to Ian, I’m now gainfully employed as a GRA for JAG (or News Games).

Only shortcoming: my contact at EA Black Box disappeared, because they got shut down and laid off – so I need to scrounge for an internship now. Because of this I’ve decided not to write my WoW and Philosophy article. Need to put together a resume or whatever and hound HR departments for the rest of the break.

Recent gaming events:
1. Finished Gears 2 and Mirror’s Edge
2. Logged onto Gears 2 online, decided I liked Halo more and stopped playing after two matches.
3. Tried Horde mode; got to wave 17 and decided I didn’t want to try to get through to 50. Checked to see if my team could survive without me sitting by myself with a chain gun turret killing the Boomers; suicided and then watched my team die because I was the only one keeping us afloat.
4.Tried Skate; got bored once I got out into the streets for the open world content. I really liked the open world sports game formula in Burnout Paradise, but this was a bit too unstructured for me. Got tired of flicking ollies. Put the game away probably forever.
5. Tried Farcry 2. Got tired of driving my jeep around at 3am gametime waiting for a gun shop to open. Put the game away until I feel like shooting things again. Need to beat this though because it’s a rental.
6. Got Prince of Persia in the mail. Tonight I’m going to stay up seeing if it’s as bad as everyone says it is. I’m guessing it’s pretty good. Saw a comparison that Totilo made to Shadow of the Colossus. Tired of people claiming that games are rip-offs of other games – see note 7.
7. Testing my strength of will by buying three hack and slash games for 10 bucks used off Gamefly. Viking, Conan, and Ninja Gaiden 2. My hypothesis is that I’m going to enjoy all three equally despite the disparity in their ratings. Why? Well, almost every game I play has the same mechanics. Unless I download an experiment off of XBLA or an indie game site. Even Oblivion, which I loved, was a bunch of me hitting the right trigger and drinking health potions. Don’t understand why people thought Fallout 3 was hard. Max Repair, Small Guns, and Medicine and you can fly through the entire game on “100” (super hard) difficulty. Everyone shits on Deus Ex 2, but the gameplay in that was much more complex than any shooter or open shooter RPG I’ve played (FO3 or Mass Effect).
8. Bought replacement kick pedal for Rock Band.
9. XBOX in Mesquite Texas being repaired finally.
10. Bought UT3 for 10 bucks used off Gamefly. This got good ratings but I bet nobody plays it anymore. Considering getting a keyboard and mouse adapter for my XBOX to see if I can play competitively with them. Got tired of people being able to do impossible stuff to me on Halo 3, so I’m testing a hypothesis that they were just cheating and using the KB/M adapter. Only problem is, it costs like 100 dollars and you need to buy old ass keyboard and mouse without drivers to make it work. Also need a PC to calibrate for deadzones.


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  1. Stephen said, on January 12, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    I recently got an iPhone too. I don’t know many other people that have them, so I’d love to hear what your favorite iPhone games are so far.

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