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Greatest Month of Gaming, Ever

Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on October 23, 2008

So I just finished Viva Pinata TIP, and I’m almost finished with Batman. Netflix will be sending me Farcry 2 and Dead Space when those are returned. I’m getting Fable 2 in two days, Fallout 3 in 5 days, and then Gears 2 and Mirror’s edge at the beginning of November. There’s also MK vs DC, which although it’ll probably be a rental is sure to be a gas. I’m also assuming I’ll rent Saint’s Row 2 once I’m finished with all the really important titles here. If I had a PS3 I could also be playing Little Big Planet. So, October 14th to November 11th, 2008 – the greatest month of gaming ever, at least for an XBox fanboy?


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