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Posted in Miscellany by Simon Ferrari on October 17, 2008

So as my pageviews from personal friends have dropped off as my posts have gotten longer and more related to school, I get most of my blog visits from people picking up tags or RSS feeds. It’s exciting that the semantic web is becoming so much more robust as more and more programs and sites pick up tagging capability.

However, anyone visiting the blog should know that the posts here are mostly my schoolwork. For the most part I write about games that I love with a passion; the assignment isn’t to praise them, ever. So if I mention a game here and I criticize an aspect of it, it’s because I think that the game could have been slightly better in some particular way (take the case of Elder Scrolls and the Redguard race – my favorite games, worst stereotype I’ve ever encountered).

If you’re going to comment, please keep the fact that these are learning exercises in mind. Please link literature that might contribute to my understanding of the issue or personal development, and don’t just argue with me because you like a game a lot and have been personally offended by some constructive criticism.


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