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Interactive Childhood Map

Posted in Projects, Schoolwork by Simon Ferrari on October 16, 2008

So for Carl’s class I have to design an interactive map of a space that shows something about that space that wouldn’t be found on any conventional map of the area. I’ve decided to map the street I grew up on in Alpharetta, with pop-up maps of the “forts” that my friends and I played in. I’m thinking I’m going to make the map of the actual street relatively boring, or stale, or something. On the other hand the sections of the map where the forts are are going to pop up into richly described and (hopefully) visualized areas. Anyone have any cool ideas on how to do this? I think I’ll narrate everything from the voice of myself at around 10 years old, and future events on the street will probably be like, “Mr. Lloyd lives here. He is a really old man and I never see his wife. I think he will die when I go to college.”


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  1. Brantley said, on October 25, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    I love this idea.

    Could you have a zoom in/out feature? Something neat could be accomplished here. As the user zooms out from your neighborhood, the surrounding areas quickly lose their specificity (simulating a child’s limited capacity to perceive locations they themselves haven’t visited).

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