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Posted in Gaming by Simon Ferrari on February 14, 2008

So I’m a sometimes-contributor to a radio show coming out of UGA (WUOG 90.5 fm) lorded over by my friends Max and Jon Post. This is where I’m going to link to the podcast if one of these jerks gives me the hook-up. Battle Royale, the show, basically covers everything nerd: movies, television, games, books, comics, etc. I guess if you prefer “geek” or “dork,” we can take that step for you. I guess. Every time I show up as a guest on the show I’ll post about it here.

Tonight our episode excited the multitudes of about twenty people who accidentally tuned into our show while driving home from work. We addressed the end of the writer’s strike, new 360 games, and… females who play WoW! Recently (I guess recently for me but maybe not for everybody else – things tend to pass me by pretty quickly since I graduated and moved off-campus) we met a dudette named Gypsy Culpepper who plays WoW. Not that strange yet. But as it happens she doesn’t exactly fit the mold of the pictures or stories you see from women who usually partake in this wonderful online grind extravaganza. I fit that profile, but I quit playing after two pretty bad breakups caused by my WoW residency. I asked her why she started playing, why she kept playing, how it affects her relationship with her boyfriend and her friends, and various points of interest having to do with WoW culture.

Gypsy started playing the game because her boyfriend played. We established rather early in the conversation that this was a common way that females start playing the game. It turns out her boyfriend actually stopped playing for awhile, but then started up again later. And now she’s way better than him, so lesson learned there. According to Gypsy, she couldn’t really see herself dating someone who didn’t play WoW. This world sucks up roughly six hours of her time most nights of the week. It sounds as if she’s in a fairly established raiding guild that makes forays into Black Temple and might be pwning Illidan soon. I’ll pop a link to their website right here if I can get one from her. The most interesting thing we explored was the fact that she relates to her guildmates in WoW more than she does with the people she meets in real life. She’s a student, she acts in various plays, she seems to have hordes of cool-looking friends (some of which I’m sure play WoW), etc. So you’d think something in the “real” world would spark her interest a bit; however, it’s no surprise to me that Warcraft appeals more to her. The people she works together with every night on this game are people who she’d be instant best friends with if she met them in person – but we all know that geographic distance sets us apart from most of the people in the world who would make the best matches for us. And once you accept that your consciousness is simply an aggregate of your sensory input, there’s really no difference between experiencing something in real life and experiencing it online. And there’s a lot to experience in WoW. So here is my call to other hip chicks out there who are interested and bewildered by games and gaming to go out there, get a trial version of WoW, and deal with your curiosity or confusion by actually experiencing an alternate life in what is the most vibrant and popular online game/community created to date.

 This reads like a love letter to WoW, and I suppose it is. I miss you, love.


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  1. randy said, on February 19, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    I wanna let you know that Jon Post and I started Battle Royale. >_<

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