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Posted in Gaming, Miscellany by Simon Ferrari on February 13, 2008

My name is Simon Ferrari, and I don’t take blogging all that seriously. It’s one of these Internet happenings that I’m not really hip to. News and lolcats leave equally bad tastes in my mouth. But I’m hoping to change. This blog is where I plan to log my thoughts on the many video games I play. Basically it’s an effort to train myself to think and write critically about games, because up until now I haven’t been able to muster the time and thought to write head-on, hardcore game reviews. Mostly because I don’t have the time and money to buy games right when they come out and beat them quickly enough to review them before they have a pretty solid listing on Metacritic. Metacritic is where I get most of my gaming news. If a game breaks a 70 average I’ll rent it, and if it busts 85 I’ll buy it. Most of the time my opinions align with the capsule reviews I see from 1up. com, but I’d like to be able to formulate my opinions without having to take a peak at what they’re thinking.

I grew up in New York state, but moved to Georgia when I was six years old. Public schools have provided my education through college. My degree is in film studies and philosophy from the University of Georgia. I’ve applied to graduate school twice now. The first time, I got into USC for film production – but I couldn’t pay for it. This time I’m going for a master’s in digital media from Georgia Tech. Come April we’ll see if I’m a student again or still a Starbucks employee.

When I was 2 years old my father brought home an NES. He’d played arcade games since his mid-20’s, but now with all the free time he had while watching me at home on his days off he needed something to occupy his mind. My mother would wake up at 2 in the morning to find him playing Zelda, Mario, or Metroid in his underpants. This is funny only because I’ve basically turned into that version of my father. He stopped playing games when the Super Nintendo came out, but this is when my gaming obsession came into it’s own. See, I was a bit too young to really understand what I was doing playing the NES. I could beat Metroid and the first Mario, but Zelda and Final Fantasy really eluded me. I stuck with Nintendo until the XBox came out, never playing Sega or Playstation games. Not until emulators and downloadable arcade games on the 360 came out did I really get to enjoy older products from those systems. I own a Wii and a 360 now, but I’m a hopeless achievement addict. My plans are to flesh out the reasons for this through this blog. Next post I’m going to get into the kind of games I like, including my favorites from all the systems I’ve owned. Thanks for reading, and if you don’t mind a bit of stream-of-consciousness game experience journaling I think you’ll come to enjoy reading my future entries.

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  1. Lila Downs said, on February 13, 2008 at 4:35 am

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on the way females are depicted in video games. Assuming that there is a lot of female degredation, do you think there could be any other way of doing it while still making it popular in the market? Could you make a case that minorites suffer from the same narrow minded insensitivity? But on a different subject, do you play in your underwear as well? Like your dad? Good luck with grad school and with forming those opinions of your own!

  2. chungkingespresso said, on February 14, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Thanks for being my first commentor (er?)! I’m glad you asked this, because I feel very strongly about the depictions of women and ethnic minorities in video games. Also, I’m interested in which games appeal to these groups and why. So there’ll definitely be a post about this soon, especially insofar as these issues apply to fighting games, WoW, Gears of War, and the game currently in my top playlist: Devil May Cry 4. And, yes, most of the time I play in my underwear. Any more clothes than that get in the way, duh.

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